A+ World Academy
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High School at Sea

Finding the right boarding school can be tough. Every high school has their own focus. Our focus is traveling the world on a sailing ship with rigorous Advanced Placement university-prep courses that provide our students a unique university application that sets them apart from the rest.  We are a challenging boarding school with rigorous academics that fosters growth in a global setting. We are not a cruise ship, we are not a party for a semester, we are a difficult, leadership-building, academically rigorous, culturally expanding, global-citizenship, fully-accredited high school that gives university-bound students the "x-factor" that makes them unique and gives them the advantage in both life and university applications.

A+ World Academy is a boarding school on a Tall Ship. Up to 63 students in grades 11 and 12 live and work on a 90-year old Norwegian Tall Ship, the ‘Sørlandet’, while taking AP classes and travel the world.

This high school is challenging, and that’s the point. We provide real-life political, social, cultural, and environmental learning opportunities and experiences that go far beyond any textbook. Students live in a close-knit community and must learn to work as a team, to communicate beyond one language, and show leadership in tough situations. Students encounter real-life challenges such as monitoring water consumption, recycling for the health of our oceans, and the direct impact of pollution. They will take part in ship watches and perform daily duties on board and develop life skills such as hard work, accountability, and team work. Our students overcome challenges on a daily basis that strengthen character and confidence.  Our students leave our program with a renewed sense of purpose and life experiences that make them unique in a crowd.

The best part? They will have the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma with AP courses while exploring the world, having some extraordinary experiences and develop essential life skills that they can benefit from the rest of their lives.