A+ World Academy

Port life

Learning takes on a different form once we enter port. Varied, and in some cases remote, ports provide opportunities for added perspective. Whether it´s meeting different cultures, learning from experience or giving back to a community, the goal with our time in port is to add value to our students' development.

Students also have time for shore leave – time to explore a new port together with their friends. Whether it’s hiking mountains, snorkeling at reefs, exploring local cuisine and coffee or spending time at the beach, there is plenty of opportunities for students to unwind. Shore leave is also an important time for many to catch up on school work, do important research or work on their college applications.

For students in the science classes, port is also a time to go to additional labs. Through local universities and partner schools we have access to advanced lab facilities for studies in the sciences. These school visits will also allow for social events and cultural exchange with peers from around the world.

Examples from the past

2015/2016: In Rotterdam the students went to  a Delftware factory and learnt about this unique Dutch pottery. In Agadir they went camelback riding into the desert to learn about Berber culture. On Pitcairn Island, a homestay opportunity gave the students a chance to get to know the local culture of this secluded island.

2016/2017: In Ho Chi Minh City, students had a chance to learn about the Vietnam War/Resistance War against America. In Saint Helena the students had the opportunity to explore the landscape and history of this remote island. In Puerto Rico a walking tour with the Spanish class provided ample opportunity to practice Spanish in the real world.

2017/2018: In Rome all students had a chance to experience the Colosseum and learn on location about the Roman empire. In Cabo Verde our students helped paint an elementary school. In Colombia, a demanding 66 km (41mi) hike to La Ciudad Perdida gave the students an insight to the rainforest, and the people who live there.