A+ World Academy

Careers with A+ World Academy

We currently do not have any open positions; however, we are always looking for talented and passionate faculty members. If you love to teach, travel, and really go the extra mile with students, this may be the job for you! We anticipate needing a Maths & Science teacher in the 2021 - 2022 academic year.

Job description:

Our program is based around our signature “My Five to Global Leadership” structure that develops the students’ academic level, communal living mindfulness, reflective learning, global understanding, and maritime training. Our faculty must align their teaching practice to this structure and this alignment must be reflected on the lesson plans submitted throughout the year.

Our teachers live and work on the ship along with the maritime crew and 60 international students. It is important to notice that these students not only take classes, they sail the ship, work daily to clean and maintain her, and explore different cultures both while sailing and at port. As we expect to build resilience, perseverance, and grit in our students, we must have teachers that are able to lead by example.

A successful candidate for our program must also portray tolerance and a true desire to foster conversations of cultural awareness and understanding in a non-judgmental and supportive way. Since we live in a close-knit community, all these characteristics are incredibly important.

This experience is as a difficult and exhausting as it is rewarding, if you are the right person you will understand.

Job benefits

- Transportation to and from the ship at the beginning and end of the year

- All our faculty will have a cabin onboard that will be shared with a same-sex teacher

- Meals are all included while sailing and at port if desired

- Teachers are paid as contract vendors through international wire transfer in EUR or USD

- No taxes are taken from pay since each person is responsible for their resident countries’ taxes

Job requirements

- Have a valid passport with 6+ months remaining and be able of obtaining all visas prior to start date

- Have the Yellow Fever and other vaccines required by our program

- Be physically capable of living and working on a moving vessel

- Be able to swim 300 meters then tread water for 15 minutes

- Be willing to participate in all the activities that are part of our program, such as watch duties, cleaning and maintenance of the ship, galley, and of course academics, field experiences, and service-learning projects

- Submit lesson plans that are aligned to our curriculum standards

Application requirements

- Resume/Curriculum Vitae

- Two letters of recommendation

- Contact information from last school employed

Please note that if you are chosen for an interview, you will be asked to submit an example of a lesson plan as part of the interview process. All applications must be sent to the following email: headofschool@aplusworldacademy.org