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Update from our Dean - Sailing to the Bahamas

By kevin | Mar 2, 2020 |

Dear A+ Friends and Families, We are currently on our way to the Bahamas to take on fuel, and everyone is trying to make the most out of our last few days of sun and warmth. The long sleeves are starting to come out, and all the wool that had been relegated to the back of personal lockers is starting to make its way out.

Despite the changing weather, hula club is still going strong, practicing every day at 1800. They have successfully gone through the entire song “He Mele No Lilo” and are now perfecting their hula moves. It can be quite challenging dancing on a moving surface. They are hoping to do a performance for families and friends, possibly at graduation.

In Honors English, they are about to start their unit on the Pulitzer winning graphic memoir Maus. Written by the American cartoonist Art Spiegelman, the novel tells the story of his father, Vladek, an Auschwitz survivor. Students will examine the effects of utilizing different mediums in telling stories, how they can be used to help process and discuss trauma, and the significance of Spiegelman choosing to use graphic form. They will also learn about the literary device symbolism and study how it used in the graphic novel through the depiction of Nazis as cats and Jews as mice. It will be a difficult unit to cover due to the topic, but an incredibly important one for the same reason.

Psychology students are in the middle of their unit on sensation and perception, studying how and why what we perceive through our senses impacts our behaviors and mental processes. Currently, they are focusing on the eyeball and visual perception. Students are learning about the anatomical structure of the eyeball, the specific nature of energy transduction, and the specialized pathways in the brain for each of the senses. An upcoming project will focus on synesthesia, which is a condition in which one sense is perceived by one or more additional senses. Students will listen to their favorite song and then paint what they hear, showing how our auditory sense can be translated to visual.

I will be sending out an email soon with more information concerning parent port: parent teacher conference schedule, open ships, school meeting, etc. Please feel free to respond to it with any questions you may have. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Best Wishes,

Emily J. Waugh
Dean of School