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Update from our Dean - New Year

By Emily | Jan 10, 2020 |

Dear A+ Families and Friends, We celebrated New Years onboard with watch competitions including an egg toss, knot, and water bucket challenge. Watch 5 came out victorious and the points gained from the competitions will go towards Watch Wars when that is held at a future date. In the evening, the galley department created an amazing family dinner.

Everyone stuffed themselves and then tried to shake off the food coma by getting up and moving on the dance floor!  At midnight, we had punch provided by the galley department and a special “ball drop” where lights were wrapped around a fender and suspended from the main mast.

Hannah was our ball drop official and she did a great job lowering the ball after everyone counted down to the New Year. It was a special moment that I hope all the students will cherish.

The next day, everyone was pretty tired but we charged ahead with classes. The end of 1st Semester is the 9th of January, so classes are wrapping up and having end of semester assessments. The type of assessments vary depending on the class. Some classes are having standard exams and others have been working on semester projects. For example, in Spanish I students are submitting semester scrapbooks. In them, students are responsible for including 5 pictures from each port and sail, captions of 5 sentences for each picture, and a short story about their first semester or an experience that was meaningful to them so far this academic year. They will then present these scrapbooks in class and we hope to share some of them with you!

Some highlights from academic classes are that in English Language Arts they have been working on their poetry unit and writing poems in every class. Poetry is often a difficult unit for students and Bridget has been doing a great job turning poems from a formidable foe, to a fun exercise of creativity. In Honors English, they have just finished the gothic novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and have been participating in “Socratic Seminars” to discuss universal themes and values, plot, characteristics of Romanticism, and to debate controversial opinions presented in the novel.

In Biology, students needed to put on their “Zoologist hats” and research an assigned animal that is in danger of extinction. Students researched habitats, what is threatening the animals (invasive species, etc.), ways to protect them, and then presented their findings to the class. The students also created pamphlets to help raise awareness about conservation.

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your new year!

Best Wishes,

Emily J. Waugh

Dean of School

A+ World Academy