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Update from our Dean - Bermuda

By kevin | Mar 31, 2020 |

Dear A+ Friends and Families, It has been another week in the quarantine houses, and the students are keeping themselves busy with the College Board review sessions and enjoying their time in the Bermudian sun. Each house has definitely taken on different personalities and are finding unique ways to spend their time.

House 1 
House 1 has been baking and painting up a storm when they aren’t attending the review sessions and working on other academics. It’s also not uncommon to see the ladies stretched out on the lawn, catching some sun, and reading a book to keep themselves occupied. Their first chaperone, Bridget, is a cook and baker extraordinaire, so there was never a lack of deliciously cooked dinners and treats. Since completing her separate quarantine, GG is now their house chaperone, and the students were ecstatic to see her again. 

House 2 
House 2 has named itself the working-out house, as every day its ladies are out on the lawn exercising. When they’re not working out, they are attending the review sessions, working on math, and finishing summer job applications. For fun, they’ve been breaking out the Monopoly game, dancing to “Just Dance” on YouTube, and attending evening movie nights. Tacos are definitely a family dinner favorite at this house, and they are all learning some new skills such as how to cook whole chickens and make potato tortillas.  

House 3 
The ladies of House 3 have been enjoying their beach house, taking full advantage of the beautiful lawn and waterfront access. They are often in the water swimming and kayaking and have been enjoying having the internet access to stay connected with family and friends all over the world. As for academics, they have been participating in the College Board review sessions. They have also been taking full advantage of having a kitchen and grill, cooking up delicious food to share with each other.   

House 4 
The boys of House 4 have been busy cooking and baking, taking full advantage of having a kitchen and grill. Besides cooking and baking, they have been spending their time fishing, swimming, and working on their academics. One exciting moment was when they spotted a large group of turtles swimming in the water, so they are all keeping a close eye out for them to try and spot them again. In the evening, the boys have been watching a variety of movies and having some video game competitions.  

In each of the houses, we are taking every precaution to ensure that our students stay safe and healthy. As much as we are loving staying in the quarantine houses, we are all looking forward to getting back onboard and our A+ family being reunited.  

Wishing you all good health! 
Best Wishes, 

Emily J. Waugh  
Dean of School