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Update from our Dean - Atlantic

By kevin | Feb 1, 2020 |

Dear A+ Friends and Families, We have completed our first crossing of the Atlantic! The students did a great job finishing out the semester, crossing the equator, and persevering through the sometimes long days at sea. We are all looking forward to being in port and enjoying all the opportunities that come with being back on land. Since the winds were in our favor and we arrived early, we are currently at anchor

Students have been given their phones and we will continue to have school today. Since sailing with Sørlandet, Barbados has become one of my favorite places to be at anchor, as it is the perfect spot for some amazing swim calls.  

Some highlights from this last sail have to be the fun and creative role playing game (RPG) designed by returning student Polina and our English teacher, Bridget. They worked hard to design roles for each student who wanted to participate and create the story line. Students pretended to be hotel guests trapped in the lobby by a rapidly spreading virus. They needed to act as their assigned character, try to solve the mystery of how the virus was spreading, and how it could be cured. It was a lot of fun, and we are all looking forward to playing it again in the future. 

Another highlight was definitely celebrating the equator crossing. Davy Jones paid a visit to the ship to give us warning of our trespass of sailing into the Southern Hemisphere without the king’s permission, and soon after King Neptune himself and Aphrodite visited the ship. After undergoing the various trials, students received their shellback names and were welcomed as part of King Neptune’s kingdom. The students will later be receiving their official certificates that commemorate the day and also serve as proof that they are now official shellbacks.

In S3 class, students have started a unit on argumentation and will be learning about the differences between argumentation and fighting, how to construct an argument, inferences, line of reasoning, and logical fallacies.  They will then be able to put those new learned skills into action as they are separated into different groups and assigned a country to represent. Then, they will need to argue for a proposal they design themselves using the methods learned in class. Each group will also be assigned a logical fallacy. They will need to use this logical fallacy as they make their arguments and try to identify the other groups’ assigned fallacy. 

In other academic news, semester report cards will be coming soon. I apologize for the delay in those getting distributed! Now that we are at anchor and have internet, we are back up and running on that front.

Hope all is well and thank you always for your support.

Best Wishes,

Emily J. Waugh

Dean of School