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Student reflection - New Year

By Karen H. Veierød | Jan 1, 2020 |

Christmas Eve onboard Sørlandet was much better than expected. My expectations were not that high, since I believed it would be very hard to be away from my family and our traditions. However, it went very well! We started the day with making a Christmas video, where each watch lip voiced separate parts of the song “All I want for Christmas”. It was very fun!

After we were finished with the Christmas video, many of us laid on boat deck in the warm sunny weather, while others watched Christmas movies in the banjer. In the middle of the day, we had a swim call! Later, we all dressed up for family dinner. It was a large buffet! After dinner, we had several of games and activities. It was very fun! We had among others secret Santa. It was of course a little special to be away from home. However, the close relationship we students have, made it all much better!

New Year`s Eve

New Year`s Eve onboard Sørlandet was very special and something that I definitely will remember. We started with normal academic day, since we were at sea. However, at one o clock the English teacher, Bridget, had made watch competitions. It was many different activities. All from knot competition to try eating a cookie as fast as possible without using hands. After the competition, we all dressed up in nice clothes. Later, it was family dinner. The dinner was so good. When we have family dinners, we pick a number each. The number decides where you are going to sit and whom you are going to eat together with. That is actually very nice, because then we all get to know each other even better! After dinner, some danced while others sat around and talked. Personally, I talked together with some other students about what 2019 has been like and our expectations for 2020! At 12 o clock, we all gathered up on main deck, where we got something to drink as well as cakes. When the clock turned 12, a big decorated fender dropped down on the deck. Overall, it was a really different but nice celebration.

Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde was an amazing and beautiful port. The ship anchor right next to Santa Maria in Sal. First, I thought it would be a little annoying that the ship did not laid alongside. However, it was much nicer than expected, because every shore leave day we were tendered in to quay. The little boat ride was actually very fun and beautiful in the sunrise. Some locals also tendered us. It was nice to talk to someone that was from the island. We did many fun things in Sal. During our field experiences, we hiked up a Vulcan, swim in salt water and visited a local school further north on the island. It was very fun! During our shore leave time, we laid at the very nice beach next to the quay. We also walked around at the colorful funny marked. I will definitely remember Sal as an amazing and interesting port!