A+ World Academy

Student reflection - Morocco

By Sarah Lane | Dec 16, 2019 |

Hello again Parents and Friends of A+! Since we have last talked, we finished our sail and then arrived in Morocco. Even though Morocco was a pretty short port being only 2 days we still got to experience a lot during our short stay.

Our first day we had a full day of field experiences. In the morning we met up with a tour guide who took us on a tour of the city. First, we went to the top of the city to this cool lookout area where you could see and the water and a beautiful view of the city. We got back into the bus and stopped at a few more lookout locations and got to stop and take some pictures.  There was this big cliff view that overlooked the beach and there were camels waiting. We all took turns riding the camels across the beach and getting to pet them. It was really cool but a bit scary because they are so big and when they stand up, they jerk a lot, so you feel like you’re about to fall forward over the camel.  


We got dropped off into the city and walked to a restaurant where we got served a traditional Moroccan lunch. We had bread, Moroccan soup, chicken couscous and a bread dessert. The food was really good and flavorful and was authentic Moroccan food. During lunch we got a show from a Moroccan belly dancer who danced around all the tables and picked different students and teachers from the tables to dance with her. It was fun as she placed her hat on top of our heads then showed us how to dance like her. Then out came the snake charmer with a bag. He opened the bag and out came a King Cobra; he charmed the snake moving back and forth coping the motions of the snake. He put his face right in front of the snake and kissed the top of its heads. Then he picked up the snake and put it right on top of his face. The snake was put back into the bag and he pulled out another bag and called Dina, one of the students aboard, over to his table. He pulled another snake out of the bag and placed it around Dina’s neck. He grabbed the snake and started to walk around to all of the tables, putting the snake around different people’s necks. 


Afterwards we got to go to the rooftop of the restaurant and got to see a view of the entire city. It was nothing like I have ever seen, not the most beautiful city but unique with many different buildings stacked up right on top of each other. 


We split into smaller groups and got a guide who took us on a tour of the market. The streets of Morocco are very small and seem to make no sense, winding in 100 different directions and it’s very easy to get lots. First, we stopped at this Medicine and Spices store, where a man showed up all the different spices and teas and showed what each of them did. He passed the different spices around the circle and we got to smell each one. I bought a variety of different teas and authentic Moroccan oil. Next, we got to go to this store with hundreds of scarves, bags, carpets all woven at the place. There was a giant weave in the middle and we watched as the guy stitched a carpet in front of us. Next, we walked over to this back ally that turned into a food market we got different fruits and Moroccan candies to try. 


The next day was shore leave, we had to go in groups of 6 with at least 1 male student since Morocco is a bit more dangerous of a port than others we have been to so far. Different groups did different things, but majority of the students went into old town and walked around the different markets and explored the city as a whole. I had a really cool experience this port getting to see a completely different culture from my own. Also seeing a city that was way different from mine. 


By far the most different port we have experienced so far this year and I had a great time. 


Great to talk to you again, we will talk to you in 6 days when we arrive at Las Palmas!


Sarah 54