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Student reflection - Fernando to Barbados

By Fanny Tandberg | Feb 3, 2020 |

Our sail after Fernando de Noronha has been good to us. I’ve noticed how close we all have become on this long sail, in addition to our sail from Cape Verde to Fernando. Even though we’ve had night-watches since we left Cape Verde, it has all become a routine for us and its just a part of our everyday life now.

On this sail, we had our very first star-gazing club meeting with our
English teacher Bridget, and we’ve also been learning how to dance hula from her! It is a
Hawaiian dance, and it is very exciting to learn.
Personally, star-gazing club is my very favorite. It is so relaxing to lay on fore deck, looking at the
stars and learning about the different signs and the meanings behind them. Bridget knows so
much about them, and I think its so interesting to listen to her. We could see Venus and Orion's
Belt so clearly from the ship that night. The night sky at sea is no doubt one of the most beautiful
things out there. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Hula dancing club is from 1800 to 1830 before dinner. A lot of people have been showing up, and
I’m very excited to learn more moves further on on our next sails. Learning about different
cultures like the Hawaiian culture is also fun and different!
Other than Hula dancing and star-gazing, we’ve spent a lot of time out on the bowsprit lately.
In my opinion, it is the best way of ending the day. We can lay there for hours, looking at the
sunset and listening to the waves beneath us. It is truly magical.
Lately, our weather has been somewhat unpredictable. We’ve been experiencing a lot of squalls,
with several squalls every night. It has been tiring but also good sail training for us. We are all
looking forward to Barbados and shore leave now!


Fanny Nicoline Tandberg