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Student reflection - Fernando de Noronha

By Sandra Myreng | Feb 3, 2020 |

Fernando de Noronha archipelago is formed by the main island and 20 other islets, creek and reefs, 354 kilometers outside off the Brazilian coast. It is divided into an Environmental Protection Area and the Marine National Park to protect, preserve and value its natural environment, fauna, flora and natural resources. The island is stunning with beautiful, green nature, park trails over the whole island and beaches with crystalclear, turquoise water.

After a lot of back and forth, we arrived in Fernando early the morning of January 11th. We were all very devastated when they told Fernando was not an option anymore. I still remember the feeling from the day before arrival, when they told us we were going. Everyone started screaming, running around and hugging each other out of excitement. We anchored up outside and used the MOB-boat and tenders to get to shore, and when we drove in, there were dolphins swimming right next to and under the boat.

We also saw turtles and mini sharks. It was an incredible sight to see these animals right in front of our eyes! Me and many others from the ship went to the beach named as the world's most beautiful beaches called Baia do Sancho.

What’s important to know is that the beach is situated right underneath cliffs, so standing on top, looking down is truly an amazing view with the turquoise waves hitting against the sand. To get down to the beach, you have to climb down stairs going through the rocks like a tunnel. As soon as we came down, we ran to the ocean. We swam, snorkeled, sunbathed: really enjoying our 12-hour stop in paradise.

The amazing sunrise as we sailed closer to Fernando. My watch and I was on deck, responsible for the anchoring. It was incredible to watch the sunrise and the way the sun set light to the green nature!


Pico Mountain greeted us as we came in and during the sunrise, it really stood out with its height and majesty. All reasons to come back one day in the future!