A+ World Academy


We are a boarding school owned by the not-for-profit Sørlandet Foundation. Our tuition does not simply cover the costs of the school, sleeping accomodations, and food...we maintain and restore the oldest fully-rigged sailing ship in the world, the Sørlandet! In addition, the tuition cost covers all Field Experiences while in port plus the Mariner Training.


  • Application fee € 150,-
  • Tuition, Room & Board  € 57,900,- 
  • For norske studenter, trykk her

The annual tuition fee includes:

Full boarding (housing & food), cost of the academic program, mariner training, field experiences and lab work.


Extras are hard to predict as they vary from port to port, and from student to student. Typical extras to be aware of are:

  • Transportation cost to starting & stopping destination (Kristiansand, Norway)
  • Transportation, food, and hotel costs for the two optional parent ports (where families can visit)
  • Vaccinations (Amount varies by provider)
  • Travel Insurance (750 EUR)
  • Visas (Varies for nationalities and itineraries, approximately 25-200 EUR
  • Uniform (Approx. 100 EUR)
  • Sailing gear (Approx. 200-500 EUR)
  • “Pocket money” for shore leave in port. Typically students use their pocket money for souvenirs, SIM-cards, clothes, lunch, snacks and dinner in their spare time. All activities organized by the school are covered by the tuition. They should also try to do laundry in port as weather conditions can affect the laundry opportunities on board.

Students should bring small bills in Euros and U.S. Dollars as well as an ATM card where they can access funds for their personal expenses. We also recommend that students bring a credit card with a set limit  in case the ATM card is lost, demagnetized, or does not work for any other reason.  


Group travel insurance is required at a cost of approximately 750 Euros. Families will be invoiced directly. Invoices must be paid paid prior to boarding the ship in August.

Payment plan

Tuition is paid in three (3) instalments:

  1. 10% non-refundable deposit within 14 calendar days of offer acceptance
  2. 50% of the remaining tuition by February 1st
  3. The remaining tuition by August 1st.

All fees are due on the dates listed above and are non-refundable. 

Fees must be paid in Euros.