A+ World Academy

Learning Environment

One of the biggest challenges of attending a high school on a tall ship is that each student will need to balance school work with maritime responsibilities as well as time to enjoy the experience. A student who quickly understands the value of time management will have a big advantage in this type of environment.

Classes at Sea

Regular instruction takes place in several classroom locations: port and starboard banjer and two smaller classrooms called nooks. Most of our classes are held at sea, though some take place in port as well. Teachers have access to projectors and traditional white boards, and other tools to ensure the best possible learning environment for our students. Course and weather permitting, some classes may also take place on deck. At set hours of the day, you will be able to attend study hall where teachers are available to help you with your classes, homework, and projects.

Student support

In our boarding school environment, where students and teachers live and work together, they build close connections on both a personal and an academic level. This connection helps provide guidance and support for our students around the clock.