A+ World Academy

Graduation Requirements

All incoming transfer credits will be evaluated by A+ World Academy and credits will be accepted on an individual case basis.  We do not guarantee that all incoming courses will transfer. Official transcripts must be presented during the application process.  All students entering A+ World Academy must meet with the Head of School to review credits prior to enrolling in classes. 

A+ World Academy Graduation Requirements



4 Credits


3 Credits

Natural Sciences

3 Credits

Social Sciences

3 Credits

World Language

2 Credits

Health/Physical Education

1 Credit

AP Seminar*

1 Credit*

AP Senior Research Project*

1 Credit*

Maritime Training

1 Credit

Self, Systems, and Society (S3)

1 Credit


6 Credits


26 Credits*


*To graduate with an AP Capstone Diploma, students must score 3 or higher on 4 AP exams of their choice plus complete AP Seminar during Junior year and AP Research Project in their Senior year.  If not graduating with the AP Capstone Diploma, students should have 8 credit hours of Electives instead of 6 credit hours.

A+ World Academy’s Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma program requires students to score a 3 or higher on 4 AP exams of their choice plus complete a Research Project and Seminar course.  The AP Capstone Diploma is intended as a two-year program; however, students can enter the last/terminal year of the program if they have already completed 3 AP exams with a score of 3 or higher.