A+ World Academy


Our students follow a rigorous academic program based on a selection of Advanced Placement courses or standard secondary courses. Care is taken to ensure that students' course selection aligns with their career and academic goals. Students are responsible for ensuring that their course selection aligns with their graduation requirements if they plan to return home to finish their last year of school. Due to the rigors of our maritime program, it is not recommended that students take more than 3 AP courses. The instruction on ship is similar to any other school and includes direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, and assessments. Students will have one to three hours of homework each night. And, not all instruction occurs on the ship – we have classes while sailing from one destination to the next, while waiting for customs & immigration in port, and during our Field Experiences at port.


Students will need to balance their ship duties with their school life.  This is a difficult lesson in time-management and students will have days with only 1 or 2 hours of 'free time'.  Taking more than 5 courses is not recommended due to the students' mariner duties of two 2-hour watch duties per day (one during the day the other at night).  Additionally, students should not take more than 3 AP courses due to the additional time required for homework.

Student course selection should be based on graduation requirements and future university and career goals. All students should to take English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and a World Language; however, it is not required since students should select only the classes necessary to meet their graduation requirements.  For example, if a student already has 3 Science credits (or has 2 and will take one after returning to their home school), then they are not required to take Science.

Our course offerings do change each year as faculty changes. Class availability is subject to change according to student need and teacher certification; however, all subject areas will offer at least 2 choices per year.  Lastly, if you take an Advanced Placement class, we expect that you sit for the AP examination.


Course Offerings for 2019 – 2020


  • Integrated Maths (Maths for Social Sciences) (S1)                                                         
  • Algebra II
  • PreCalculus (R1)
  • AP Statistics (R1)
  • AP Calculus A/B (R2)


  • Biology (VG2)
  • Chemistry (VG2)
  • AP Physics 
  • AP Environmental Science

Language Arts

  • English 11 (VG2)
  • Honors English (VG3)
  • AP English Language & Composition

Social Studies

  • AP Human Geography (VG2)
  • AP Psychology

World Languages

  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II

Core Courses (mandatory for all students)

  • Self, Systems, and Society (counts as a Social Science for Norwegian schools)
  • Maritime History & Law 


AP Capstone Diploma (Only taken if completing the 2-year AP Capstone Diploma)

  • AP Seminar (Junior Year/VG2 Year)
  • AP Research (Senior/Terminal Year)


A+ World Academy is an International school based in Switzerland but is often confused for a Norwegian school.  We are proud of our Norwegian ship and are actively keeping her in service while maintaining and restoring her on a daily basis; however, we are not a Norwegian school.  A+ World Academy uses an American curriculum and, accordingly, we use the terms Junior Year to represent year 11, which is considered “year 12” or VG2 in Norwegian schools.  Similarly, Senior Year represents year 12 and is the “terminal” or “graduating” year, which is considered “year 13” or VG3 in Norwegian schools. 

To avoid confusion among schools from around the world using different terms, the student’s final year of school will be referred to as their “terminal year” or “graduating year” and that school is referred to as their “terminal school” or “graduating school”.  For A+ World Academy, that is their 12th year or Senior Year.  If A+ World Academy is not their terminal/graduating school, then the term “returning school” may be used to clarify that the student must meet the graduating requirements of that school in order to graduate from that school in their final or terminal year.

Students from Norway that are returning for their VG3 year must select one Math, one World Language and one English course plus two more courses that they can specialize in VG3, for example, Biology, Chemistry, & Physics or World History & Philosophy, Psychology, and Human Geography for a total of five classes.  The World History & Philosophy is recommended since Norwegians students must pass their History exam in VG3.  Norwegian students are encouraged to take the most challenging level possible and are encouraged to take secondary courses as well as AP courses according to their ability level and experience. ***Please note, all Norwegian students returning for their VG3 (Senior) year must apply to the school they are returning to through the web service VIGO.no by March 1st of the year in which they will return.

Students are required to take English & complete 2 years of World Language prior to graduating for both Norwegian schools and A+ World Academy.  If a student’s terminal/graduating school does not require English or 2 years of World Language, then that student is exempt but is responsible for meeting their school’s requirements.  The Maths, Science, and Social Studies classes may be selected according to the graduation requirements of their terminal/graduating school.  If students are not graduating with A+ World Academy, they must consult with their returning-school’s counselor to get their courses approved prior to enrolling in classes.  All A+ World Academy classes are accepted and transferrable to Norwegian schools but it is the responsibility of the student, not A+ World Academy, to verify all courses with their returning school.