A+ World Academy

Our Mission

Our Mission

To ensure our students a unique educational program that best positions them to be global citizens and leaders for the 21st century. While creating strong academic achievement in our students, we engage them in an extensive experiential education program of rigorous maritime endeavor, close-knit communal living, study in foreign lands, and personal mentoring that cultivates their self-knowledge, resilience, problem-solving, and leadership far beyond that of a more traditional school setting.

Core Beliefs/Values

A+ World Academy, an international boarding school based on the tall ship Sørlandet, is a school dedicated to developing the utmost potential in students to be successful and conscientious global citizens in the 21st century world we are living in. Through a program of experiential education, place-based learning, ship-based activity, and community involvement; the school challenges students to become their best selves. To those ends, we believe, uphold, and strive after the following four key beliefs;

  • Hands-on Learning: While the world still clings to the industrial model of education, we know that experiential learning, place-based curriculum, and community learning models, when combined with traditional methods, provide far more opportunities for deep, constructive learning
  • Human Development: The key to student growth is not academic achievement; it is human development. We know that academic performance is an outcome of several factors that include emotional wellness, learning style, social identification, and cognitive challenge.  If we want to help young people become better students, we have to help them grow into better people
  • Interdependence/Community: Our unique platform and program depend on community and shared responsibility. It is our duty to think actively about community and cultivate shared responsibility.
  • Excellence: As a value, excellence may seem too broad, but in truth, it is the guiding star upon which all our work is based, and from which the other core values/beliefs emerge. Excellence guides us to look at both our subjective experience and also scientific research-based models of achievement.  We measure. We use method. We strive. We challenge.

School, learning, and community life at A+ are submerged in these values and construct meaningful learning experiences grounded in reflection, application and practice. These experiences involve problem solving, teamwork, decision making, resolving conflicts, ethical development, and reaching for new goals and opportunities. 

Graduate Profile

The graduates of a A+ World Academy are outstanding in five distinct ways.

  1. Intellectual: Our students graduate with a broad range of knowledge across academic disciplines and they are able to transfer that knowledge in hands-on applications and modes of being. As graduates of an experiential education program, our students not only conduct their own investigations into the world around them, they are looking at ways to apply that knowledge and learning about how people change in the process.
  2. Resilient: A+ World Academy graduates have developed an increased level of mental toughness, emotional awareness, proactive mindset, and personal confidence that enables them to meet challenges in their academic, personal, and professional lives while maintaining healthy habits, self-direction, and emotional wellness.
  3. Problem-Solving: Graduates of the A+ World Academy are focused on developing and implementing solutions in the real world. Our graduates are open-minded, critical and creative. They are capable of developing unique and sustainable solutions to real world problems.
  4. Leadership: Each graduate of A+ World Academy takes personal responsibility and seeks opportunities to work with others to advance thinking and achievement in all spheres of life. They are confident, inclusive, inspiring and influential.
  5. Global Citizenry: Our graduates understand themselves as individuals and as parts of various larger collectives; as such, our graduates are inclusive, respectful, and responsible in how they interact with other cultures and societies. They are aware of global issues and understand their roles in them. They act with integrity and fluency across cultures and perspectives and are committed to the betterment of society and the world

Responsibility for enabling graduates to meet the Graduate Profile lies with the school’s staff and students. We believe, as individuals and as members of the A+ community, that we all engage in the diverse activities of the school to achieve the aspirations we hold for our graduates.