A+ World Academy


Image of Dr. Kevin E. Kessler

Dr. Kevin E. Kessler

Head of School

Dr. Kessler is originally from North America. He holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and is a Senior Educational Adviser for Johns Hopkins University's School of Education. He has 14 years of experience in education as both a teacher and a leader. His educational focus has been on Personalized & Blended Learning strategies to meet the needs of learners at every level. His breadth of experience in education and the depth of his care and concern for academic excellence supports the A+ World Academy's mission and focus.


Image of Emily Waugh

Emily Waugh

Co-Dean of School

Ms. Waugh is originally from North America and came to the field of education following 5 years in the United States Navy. She graduated from Annapolis as an Officer with a degree in English literature and has pursued certification in the teaching of English & ESL at Boston Academy of English. Since then, Ms. Waugh has taught in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the United States. She also successfully completed, as part of her naval training, the rigorous National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). Ms. Waugh is excited to explore connections between literature and our culturally diverse itinerary; the opportunity to unite three of her passions: the sea, travel, and teaching.


Image of Gurjit Gill

Gurjit Gill

Co-Dean of School

Gurjit Gill is originally from North America and has had education as her focus throughout her career. She holds a Master’s of Science from New York State University and undergraduate and teaching degrees from Queen’s University in Ontario. Ms Gill’s breadth and depth of experiences in teaching and leadership have been both at a national and international level. She is passionate about reflective education and enthusiastically looks forward to supporting a dynamic and inclusive learning culture that provides transformative experiences.


Image of Gabriela Delgado

Gabriela Delgado

World Languages Teacher

Gabriela Delgado is originally from South America. She holds a Bachelors in Modern Languages and two degrees both in legal and general translation Spanish-English-Spanish. Gabriela believes in experimental education and society involvement, she knows that the only way to be a positive leader is through education, knowledge and experience.

Image of Bridget Thorp

Bridget Thorp

English Teacher

Ms. Thorp is originally from the Hawaiian Islands. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English Education from the University of Montana, with a focus on reading and communications skills. With 3 years of international experience at a residential IB School in India, she understands the importance of culture and perspectives, both in literature and in life. She looks forward to bringing the unique experience of A+ World Academy and world travel into the English classroom and to influencing the forms of students’ self-expression.

Image of Kevin O’Driscoll

Kevin O’Driscoll

Maths Teacher

Kevin O’Driscoll is originally from North America. He holds a BS in Mathematics from the Fairfield University and an MA in Education from Saint Peter’s University. An educator for five years in the U.S. and two years in Dubai, Kevin's specialties are AP Calculus and AP Statistics. As an administrator, he created curriculum and assessment frameworks for students preparing for AP courses and university-level mathematics. He has traveled Europe, Asia, and Africa in his roles, gaining experience with different education systems and cultures.

Image of Kate Watson

Kate Watson

STEM Teacher

Coming soon...

Image of Alex Wiltshire

Alex Wiltshire


Alex is originally from North America. Alex has over 7 years of experience in the health industry after studying business and paramedicine. She has worked for different institutions including the government of Nova Scotia, the University Health Network in Toronto, and others. Alex takes pride in caring for the students’ physical as well as emotional health and takes the time to develop a strong connection with each student.

Image of Elaine Erana

Elaine Erana


Elaine Erana is originally from Southeast Asia. She is a registered nurse and a certified emergency medical technician from the Philippines. Elaine has 5 years of prehospital and clinical experience. After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Nursing, she had volunteered and worked for local emergency medical services, rescue units and private Hospitals in Cebu.

Image of Matthieu Aemisegger

Matthieu Aemisegger

Director of Admissions

Mr. Aemisegger is originally from Switzerland. Matthieu has over 10 years of experience in international business development, sales and marketing after completing his degree in Commerce. He is a polyglot and a globe-trotter focused on finding the right students for the A+ World Academy.


Image of Maria Mora

Maria Mora

Associate Director of Admissions

Ms. Mora is originally from South America. She holds a BA in Communication from Eckerd College and a Masters in Corporate Communication from IE University. She has worked for different admission offices around the world for more than 7 years. She has been with APWA for 2 years, finding her passion in working with different cultures and helping students get to experience our amazing program.


Image of Daniela Jaramillo

Daniela Jaramillo

Associate Director of Admissions

Ms. Jaramillo is originally from North America. She holds a BA in Commerce from the University of Virginia and an MBA from IE University. Her experience is mainly in the areas of marketing and sales. She is passionate about the world of education and loves traveling, making her interests and knowledge a great fit for the A+ community.