High School on a Ship
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High School at Sea

Classes at sea and Student support

Regular instruction takes place onboard the ship in our banjer (midship below deck) as well as in two smaller classrooms when we are at sea. Teachers have access to projectors or traditional white boards, and we encourage our teachers to use all the tools available to ensure the best possible learning environment for our students. Course and weather permitting, some classes may also be take place on deck.

At set hours of the day, you will be able to attend study hall, where teachers are available to help you with your homework, projects, or your academic essay. Our teachers are engaging and follow our students development closely. Since they live on board they get to know the students on both an academic and personal level., and provide support for the students around the clock.

University guidance

We expect that the majority of our students who complete their final year of school aboard the ship will go on to university.

Applying to university can be a lengthy and involved process, and the school will support you through all stages of your applications. You will be expected to take a leading role in your application process, and will need to prioritise shore leave time to do the required research and fill out your applications. Dedicated staff, both aboard the ship and on the shore, will help you find a university that fits your own needs and ambitions.

Since the start in 2015 our alumni have been accepted at the following universities:



United States of America