High School on a Ship
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Welcome from The Head of School

Greetings from the deck of the Sorlandet.

Welcome to A+ World Academy! Onboard the tall ship Sorlandet, 60 qualified students in grade 11 and 12 undertake a voyage of remarkable discovery as they and their teachers set course on a circumnavigation of the world.

Whether engaged in inter-tidal environmental studies in the Amazon delta, conducting anthropological studies on Easter Island or diving on the Great Barrier Reef, our students benefit from first-hand explorations of the planet while completing a rigorous course of study, suitable for university entrance anywhere in the world.

A+ World Academy is about a new school of thought. We are committed to a curriculum, to learning experiences and to teaching strategies that prepare students today for the world that they will live in tomorrow. A+ students get to take their classroom to the world.

A+ is not just about course work; the most successful young people that I have met in decades of school leadership are those who acquired and practiced critical inter-personal skills and who have developed a strong moral compass. Teamwork, responsibility, independence, responsible conduct, resourcefulness and good choices are hallmarks of an A+ education.

I invite you to visit with our Admissions Team and to inquire further into how and why A+ World Academy is the best choice for students who want to be ‘top of the list’, as people, as candidates for university and as prospective employees.

Welcome aboard,
Terry Davies
Head of School