High School on a Ship
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Image of Tim Grady

Timothy A. Grady

Director of Education


Image of Dr. Kevin Kessler

Benjamin Grønvold

Director of Admission

Mr. Gronvold is a graduate from the University of Oxford and holds degrees in History, Political Science and Archaeology. He has more than 10 years of experience in politics and has worked on educational issues on a regional- and national level as an elected official. As the director of Admission, he will be able to help you with all matters relating to your application to A+ World Academy.


Image of Maria Mora

Maria Mora

Associate Director of Admission

Ms. Mora is originally from Venezuela, bilingual in English and Spanish. She has a MA in Corporate Communication from the IE Business School in Madrid. She has more than 4 years of experience working in admission for different institutions in the Unites States. Maria Mora, es de Venezuela y es bilingüe en Español e Ingles. Ha realizado su maestría en Comunicación Corporativa en IE Business School en Madrid. Tiene mas de 4 años de experiencia trabajando en admisiones para diferentes institutos en Estados Unidos.


Image of Cecilia Ciceraro

Cecilia Ciceraro

Dean of Students and Faculty, Chemistry & Biology

Image of Dr. Jérôme Philippe Coss

Dr. Jérôme Philippe Coss

Faculty, Physics, Mathematics & Calculus

Image of Emily Waugh

Emily Waugh

Faculty, English & ESL

Image of Antonio Melgar

Antonio Melgar

Faculty, Spanish & Mandarin

Image of Brandy Carriere

Brandy Carriere

Faculty, Mathematics & Communication and Digital Arts

Image of Brian Lisk

Brian Lisk

Social Science & History

Image of Alexandra Wiltshire

Alexandra Wiltshire


Image of Stine Bryn

Stine Bryn

Media Coordinator

Image of Sune Blinkenberg

Sune Blinkenberg

Chief Operating Officer & Captain

Image of Sture Erichsen

Sture Erichsen


Image of Hallgeir Botnen

Hallgeir Botnen


Image of Siri Botnen

Siri Botnen

Chief Mate

Image of Steffen Jensen

Steffen Jensen

Chief Mate

Image of Idalene Nielsen

Idalene Nielsen

Second Mate

Image of Niklas Poulsen

Niklas Poulsen

Second Mate

Image of Agata Luczynska

Agata Luczynska

Third Mate

Agata has is a trained Biomedical Engineer and a graduate from a navigation school in the Netherlands. In the last 8 years she has sailed for different polish, british and dutch tall ships before joining the Sorlandet in 2015.

Image of Morten Sodefjed

Morten Sodefjed

Third Mate

Morten attended Kristiansand Maritime College in 2015 before he joined a cruise ship as an officer trainee/ cadet and later worked on fishing vessels. He has also participated as crew on the sailing vessel from Arendal, Boy Leslie.

Image of Simon Jensen

Simon Jensen

Chief Engineer

Image of Jose Fraile

Jose Fraile

Chief Engineer

Image of Tommy Skollevoll

Tommy Skollevoll


Image of Henning Andresen

Henning Andresen

Chief Steward

Henning started sailing as a student on the Norwegian fully-rigged tall ship Christian Radich in 1975. He later joined the crew on tankers as a 2ndcook until 1981, when he started on the Sørlandet as a 1st cook. A year late he started working off-shore as a cook steward until 1990. He then moved to shore and ran his own restaurant for 11 years before returning to offshore, as a camp boss, in 2002. He rejoined the Sørlandet in 2016, now as a Chief Steward.

Image of Runar Gullhaug

Runar Gullhaug

Chief Steward

Image of Ann Dybdal Mousten

Ann Dybdal Mousten


Ann has been working as a cook for 7 years, the last two at sea. She has preciously worked in the Alps and onboard the school ship Denmark.

Image of Wysocki, Tomasz

Wysocki, Tomasz

Chief Cook

Tomasz has his background from the Polish navy where he first started as a high school student. He then worked in the Polish navy for 5 years untill he moved on to the offshore industry. He started working as a Chief Cook on the Sørlandet in 2016.

Image of Mathias Hall

Mathias Hall


Image of Adrian Brask

Adrian Brask


Image of Ole Hedegaard

Ole Hedegaard

Able Seaman

Image of Jens Olav Østerdal

Jens Olav Østerdal

Able Seaman

Image of Magnus Berliner

Magnus Berliner

Image of Benjamin Flatebø

Benjamin Flatebø

Image of Naja Dam

Naja Dam

Image of Mette Due

Mette Due

Ordinary Seaman

Image of Elias Staun Maurer

Elias Staun Maurer

Ordinary Seaman

Elias was a student at the Danish training ship Georg Stage in 2014. He has also worked as a volunteer on Sørlandet before being hired as an ordinary seaman.

Image of Reidun Johre

Reidun Johre

Chief Financial Officer

Image of Terry Davies

Terry Davies

Academic Advisor